I think each of us has already heard about free non-bank loans. With their advertisements, we can meet not only on the Internet, but also in the press and on television. Today, many loan companies that operate via the Internet offer them. Of course, a free loan is a big plus, because we do not have to incur additional costs, but on the other hand it also has its drawbacks that are worth knowing.

A loan completely free? Some do not believe in this type of offer and immediately suspect that there must be a catch somewhere. However, indeed, more and more loan companies, in particular those offering payday loans , offer loans at no additional cost. However, to make use of such loans for free, we must meet certain requirements.

A free non-bank loan is a loan that is not associated with any additional costs. Therefore, we give back exactly the amount we borrowed. We do not have to pay interest rates, commissions, and preparation fees. It is worth pointing out, however, that a loan without interest will not always be a free loan – there may be other of the above costs, so let’s get to know the offer well.

Who can get a free loan?

Who can get a free loan?

Free loans are intended for new clients of loan companies. So when we did not get a loan from a company that offers them for free, we have the option. If, however, we would like to take another loan, then we will have to pay a standard price for it, so it will be interest-bearing, it will have a commission and other costs.

We can also get a free loan for a specified sum and period. Most often, it is between PLN 1,000 and PLN 2,000, but some companies offer us more. However, this is not the maximum amount that regular customers can get, so we are limited in this respect. We can also get a loan for the given time – it’s usually 30 days, so we will have to give back money in that period.

What to watch out for when we want to take a free loan?

What to watch out for when we want to take a free loan?

As we mentioned earlier, always check the contract details carefully to make sure that our loan is really free. Let’s also scan the lender himself, to be sure that he will be trustworthy and we will not get into any trouble when we take a short time with him.

Let’s also remember that a free loan will be really free only if we abide by the provisions of the contract. This applies in particular to the time of repayment of the liability. When we’re late, the loan company will usually charge us with the normal cost of the loan, so we’ll have to pay a lot more.

Free loans – it pays!

Free loans - it pays!

Therefore, when we need a smaller sum for up to a month, we know that we will pay it back then, then a free loan is an attractive proposition – it pays more than a bank loan because we do not have to pay any additional costs.

On the other hand, however, let us remember to check the offer well and to pay attention to the repayment period, so that it will not turn out that the free loan will suddenly become much more expensive.

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