The wide offer of the market in the area of non – bank loans and interesting promotions tempting with excellent terms of making such loans make many people use this type of financial support. We borrow for small expenses or a device for a specific room and many more. But are these loans really fully safe?

There are a lot of non-bank loans. There have been a lot of them recently. People who want to borrow money quickly have a wide range in this area. Non-bank institutions tempt customers with transparent terms and large amounts that can be borrowed without unnecessary formalities.

Such easy solutions are not always safe. It is worth, therefore, before taking such a loan from a non-bank institution, thoroughly analyze all pros and cons.

Tempting loan offers

Tempting loan offers

Very often in TV commercials we hear that we can take a given loan for free. What does this mean? Non-banking institutions, wanting to attract new clients, offered free loans to all those who use the company’s services for the first time.

In practice, this means that if you borrow from a given company PLN 5000, we pay exactly the same amount. It is therefore an extremely tempting offer for all those who can not get that amount in the bank. Of course, one should take into account that each subsequent loan in a given company will already earn interest in accordance with the rules of a given non-bank institution. Therefore, it is best to take a one-off loan for a larger amount in a given institution and no longer use their services.

It turns out, however, that easy money laundering quickly comes to the blood, which is why a client satisfied with previous cooperation with a non-bank lending company will probably return to it again. Such promotions are therefore specially organized by non-bank institutions to gain regular customers.

What threatens us?

What threatens us?

Non-bank loans are very popular due to the minimum formalities that have to be met in order to get a specific amount. Non-bank institutions do not require their clients or any certificates or guarantors. Non-bank loans are also related to the fact that we can count on a flexible approach to paying installments. An application for such a loan can be made via the Internet without any effort, and all formalities can be arranged at home, because the representative will come to our apartment.

Non-bank loans are also an ideal solution for people with negative credit history. However, it turns out that borrowing outside the bank also has its negative effects. Above all, we must expect a weekly repayment period, which may not always suit us.

In addition, we must pay attention to the high interest rates and commissions on such loans. In addition, easy access to these types of loans can make us fall into a vicious circle of borrowing money, and that’s a straight road to debt for life. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of the non-bank loan offer, you have to do it wisely.

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