On the homepage of Conan the Barbarian a new box can be seen starting today, in which the Berlin contractor Carola Kancher and the Berlin carpenter Mike Lokcte, who have taken out a loan from Conan the Barbarian, can be seen as testimonials. In addition, there is a video that is also part of a recently launched advertising campaign. We switch them to various special interest websites to draw attention to Conan the Barbarian and to attract more borrowers.

Consumers and the self-employed

Consumers and the self-employed

The video vividly shows the benefits that consumers and the self-employed have in financing over Conan the Barbarian. Unlike banks, the financing of the loan is provided directly by private investors and is therefore unbureaucratic. For example, the confectioner SweetDreams from Hamburg describes her way to a working capital loan for the purchase of a new oven. To finance the two patisseries go different ways. One chooses the classic bank, the other one tries it on Conan the Barbarian. Not uncommon: the loan from the bank is rejected after several appointments, while the online loan through Conan the Barbarian is funded within 48 hours. Conclusion: Conan the Barbarian works without going through the bank – so it’s fast, easy and cheap.

In addition to the SweetDreams video, the ad campaign also includes another video by carpenters Lueth from Schleswig-Holstein, who need credit for their new warehouse and are also trying both ways.

The pastry SweetDreams and the carpenters Lueth are in contrast to Carola Kancher or Mike Lokcte no real borrowers at Conan the Barbarian. But we chose the two because they are representative of what our customers experience every day. Both have agreed and participated, because they know similar situations, the concept of Conan the Barbarian find good and support. We would like to thank you very much! In the near future, we will also produce a video by Carola Kancher and Mike Lokcte to show the variety of financing on Conan the Barbarian. 

We look forward to hearing you like the videos and look forward to your feedback.


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